1g+ Pre Rolled Honey Oil + Kief Dipped Joints



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Pre-Rolled Joint, AAA+

One Pre Rolled Joint! Free smell proof DoobTube with every joint! DoobTubes are Great to re-use again and again and will stop any cannabis smells from escaping! $5 value included for free!

1.2-1.5g AAA Hybrid Flower pre-rolled joint using Raw Un-bleached cones.  Joint covered in THC Cannabis Honey Oil and then rolled in Kief.  Burns very white, lasts a long time and tastes amazing!


1 Pre-Roll, 2 Pre-Rolls, 3 Pre-Rolls

1 review for 1g+ Pre Rolled Honey Oil + Kief Dipped Joints

  1. Alex H

    I am used to getting a regular pre-roll with no oil+kief dip. Glad i got this one though. It lasts way longer and the tube made it easy for coming back to what i didn’t finish. Very convenient!

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