Almond Toffee Cup (250mg & 600mg)



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Chef Michelangelo is a RED SEAL certified pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and cannabis.  Since COVID 19 pandemic struck, he has been unable to work in the hospitality industry.  With all of the extra time on his hands and a true passion for chocolatiering and baking, he has created an amazing product line of cannabis THC infused treats.

-250mg or 600mg THC per Pecan Toffee Cup

-RED SEAL certified pastry chef

-Top shelf AAAA quality baking chocolates used as the base ingredients for these treats

-98% distillate made using rotovap extraction methods leaving no cannabis taste in the end product

-Truly delicious cannabis edibles – 2 thumbs up for taste –

**Caution** do not start pigging out on these when you get the munchies 😉

Chef Michelangelo’s ever increasing THC product line is:

-Reefers Peanut Budda Cups

-Hashish Cookies and Cream Cups

-Almond Roacha (almond cup)

-God Graham Crack…er (pecan cup)

-Hash-mallow S’mores

He also has a Psilocybin Mushroom product line:

-Shroomie S’mores

-Champigon Cookies and Cream Cups


250 mg, 600 mg


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