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Canna Lean syrup is a brand new THC to hit our menu. It is a recently trending product that we’ve had a few requests for. It is flavoured THC syrup with no real instructions other than “shake well before use”

Each bottle is 25ml containing 250mg of THC

You can add it to sodawater to add a tasty flavor and strong/quick effects. It is absorbed much faster than a traditional edible. Many people use it as a “simple syrup” for fancy mix drinks. This will add a little extra something to your cocktail. Others like to add it to ice cream. The ways to use it are endless.

Canna Lean Syrup is a liquid form of cannabis typically made by mixing cannabis concentrate (THC distillate) with vegetable glycerin or coconut oil and sugar. The logic is that by putting high levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, into liquid form you will get a faster and longer-lasting high than a conventional edible, partly due to the speed in which it is absorbed into your bloodstream.


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