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This strain was grown by Air Cannabis Collective professional growers.  They have recently sourced these seeds and grew the original mother a few months ago. Now we are finally able to showcase this amazing sativa with kush-like qualities in both appearance and effect. Enjoy.

AROMA: Wonderful aroma that is a mixture of minty and sweet smells. Cookie Dough has a lovely taste as well which is mainly sweet and justifies its name. You can also feel a hint of mint in its flavor.

APPEARANCE: Medium-large sized pieces, extremely caked with THC, hints of purple encircled with red hairs. Kush-like looking buds.

BURN: Smooth, clean ash and burn.

EFFECTS/HIGH: This balanced hybrid contains elements that provide mental calmness, but many consumers also find that this strain makes them energetic and productive.


Cookie Dough is a wonderfully potent Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This particular version of the West Coast’s most popular strain exhibits an orange/yellowish sheen of trichomes and a pungent doughy aroma. Cookie Dough’s effects align closely with GSC’s, offering medical-grade sedation on the body and a well-lit mind that borders on speedy. Enjoy this strain as a means to stimulate appetite and dull physical pain while remaining mentally alert. Beginners beware, as this potent phenotype can be overwhelming. Negative effects such as mild dizziness and dry eyes have been noted by some consumers.


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