GMO Cookies (Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies)



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Beautiful new addition to the “cookies” family of genetics. The daughter of two famous parents 1) Chemdawg and 2) Girl Scout Cookies. As you would expect, Chem Cookies carries many of the same attributes of its parents making it a so-called “super child.”

Aroma: Exotic, flowery smell that is similar to that of its parents.
Appearance: Medium to large sized pieces, that are extremely dense. Light green buds with light orange hairs and a slight hue of purple throughout, especially when busted up. Amazing frost and extremely caked out on the inside and out. The buds are very dense and cured perfectly.
Burn: Extremely clean burn that is very tasty.  You can tell it is really strong based on how resiny the end of joint will get. White, clean ash and burn
Effects/High: Stimulate the body while simultaneously elevating mood. Great daytime effects.
Quality: AAAA

GMO Cookies, also known as “Garlic Cookies,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the potent Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Known for its super pungent aroma and heavily sedative high, GMO Cookies is a favorite of indica lovers everywhere. GMO Cookies is said to be the perfect choice for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain insomnia, inflammation, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic stress.


1 g, 3.5 g, 7 g, 14 g, 28 g


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