Kootenay Labs -- 2:1 CBD:THC Gummies



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15 mg containing 10mgCBD : 5mgTHC (2:1)

5 pieces x 15mg = 75mg (2:1 CBD/50mg CBD to 25mg THC)

20 pieces x 15mg = 300mg total (200mg CBD / 100mg THC)

2:1 CBD / THC full spectrum cannabis gummies by Kootenay Labs.  Kootenay Labs uses a full spectrum essential cannabis resin oils as the active ingredient in the gummies, which some argue, provides superior effects than edibles that use a straight THC distillate as the active ingredient.

The logic is that essential cannabis resin oils which is made from refining cannabis flower, isolates all off the cannabinoids that are in the flower, even if they are extremely small amounts, research has shown that consuming multiple cannabinoids together enhances the overall effects of the underlying cannabinoids.


Small — 5 pack, Large — 20 pack

1 review for Kootenay Labs — 2:1 CBD:THC Gummies

  1. Stephanie Munroe

    Edibles are usually too much for me. I always get super paranoid. These are the one type of edible that don’t make me freak out and overthink everything. Maybe its the low dosage???

    • allen

      Hi Stephanie! This brand’s edibles are full spectrum and not from isolate. This means there other cannabinoids present (CBD, CBN, CBG, etc.) and not just THC. There is anectodical evidence that indicates these cannabinoids can help provide a better “all-round” or “natural” high. Some pure THC edibles from isolate can cause some paranoia in some people. The large amount CBD in this particular edible will also help a lot. The low dosage too. Taking too much is typically going to be a bad time.

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