Lindsay OG Kush Popcorn by Air Cannabis Collective

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Grown by our trusted friends @ Air Cannabis Collective, this strain rivals the famous Red Congo, Tuna Kush and CBD Death Bubba! It is a must try! Just smaller popcorn buds.

Aroma: Skunky herbal terps at first with a bit of spicy gas when busted up
Appearance: Hand trimmed, rock hard buds. Frosted over with white trichomes, very minimal amount of purple and green sugar leaves and flailing pistils ranging from light to dark brown.
Burn:White ash with a slight skunky flavor at first that shifts to a more spicy gas flavor over time.
High: Heavy euphoric, sedative high comes on very quickly, face melting type high that provides a perpetual downward feeling from the crown of your head all the way down to your toes.
Quality: AAAA+

Finally an opportunity to experience AC Medical’s famous Lindsay OG Kush without paying the full price!!! Grown by our good friends at the Air Cannabis Collective, we have an excellent relationship with them and are therefore, able to strike an amazing deal on his AAAA popcorn buds that we are excited to share with our loyal members!!! Please note, these popcorn buds are not old popcorns that we have collected over time. This deal consists of fresh popcorn buds that the grower has separated himself from his latest crop.  If you do not care about the sex appeal of your bag, then this is an amazing opportunity and a great way to enjoy the best BC can offer!

1 review for Lindsay OG Kush Popcorn by Air Cannabis Collective

  1. chris jacox

    These popcorn buds are a killer deal! AAAA stuff for so cheap. I don’t care the buds are small. All the same in my grinder

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