Live, Pressed Bubble Hash Rosin by Air Cannabis Collective

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Due to the high quality, this hash rosin melts at room temperature!  We took pictures of the hash rosin straight out of the freezer where it holds its form and can be shattered into pieces in the pictures after about 20 minutes out of the freezer where it melts to the bottom of the container.  Unless you plan to savour this product for longer than 1 month, you can keep the hash rosin at room temperature where the consistency will be soft and pull-able, yet snappy.  If you do choose to freeze, it will be quite brittle.  After approx one month stored at room temperature, the product will begin at shatter like pieces when frozen, to snappy, sappy pull sort of concentrate to a refined budder/like caviar of a concentrate.  Enjoy, the team at Club Allen sure does, this is a staff favourite!

The Live, Pressed Bubble Hash Rosin by Air Cannabis Collective is a thing a fables.  This is a product that typically is only consumed by those who make it and is not offered to retail outlets often.  The process and amount of refinement is huge. Here are the steps to create this product:

Step 1) Fresh Air Cannabis Collective AAAA flower is harvested and flash frozen at -90C as a fresh un-dried flower.  This instantly hardens and makes the heads of the trichomes extremely brittle so that they are easily broken off from the stems of the trichome.

Step 2) Use flash frozen flower to create Live Bubble Hash.

Step 3) Press the Live Bubble Hash to make Live Bubble Hash Rosin.

Strains currently available: Rockstar Kush, Garlic Breath, Cookies and Cream, Sour Tahoe, Blue monkey

**The process is the exactly the same from strain to strain, and they all look the same as they come out of production and are then instantly frozen before we receive them.  When the Live Bubble Hash Rosin is out of the freezer and ‘melts’ to its stable, room temperature form, each strain has a slightly different texture.  We have found that the Kush strains stabilize to more of refined budder-like texture, while the Sour Tahoe and Cookies and Cream have quite a ‘pull and snap’ form.  You can see in the picture gallery of the sappy like Sour Tahoe and Cookies and also the waxy Rockstar Kush.


Rockstar Kush, Sour Tahoe, Puta Breath, Cookies and Cream


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