Neurogenesis Organic Psilocybin Chocolate Bar - Epigenetic Stack


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  • Formulated for flow state, creativity, cognition
  • 100% organic vegan ingredients
  • 1 bar = 10 servings = 2 weeks (recommended consumption)
  • 1 serving = 0.1 gram PSI
  • On a suggested cycle of 5-days-on-2days-off

The Nootropigs synchronize and regenerate neurons to create greater order in your field of awareness.  The Niacin opens the channels and the cacao butter carries the macro and micro nutrients to enhance the physical senses; optimizing the nervous system and harmonizing the endocrine system.

Ingredient list:

Base: cacao butter, cane crystals, coconut cream, lucuma, tocotrienols (vit, E), red Alaea sea salt, vanilla

Anti-Inflammatory Agents: turmeric, curcumin extract, phycocyanin

Delivery Agent: 5:1 non-flush;flush niacin

Macro Support: D3 (25 thousand IU/bar), K2

Nootropic Extracts: lions mane, mucuna, L-phenylalanine, taurine, CABA, BCAA, inulin


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