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This is a new cut of Purple White Lightning from our affiliate growers at Gas Haus. This makes it slightly different from our previous PWL we had on the menu approximately 1 year ago. New grower and new cut means its a slightly different product. That being said it is a really nice representation of the strain and better than previous batches in our opinion.

AROMA: Fruity and sweet. Grape terps but blended with other berries as well with grape being the most prominent with a very slight amount of an almost citrus/tangie smell coming through as well.

APPEARANCE: Neatly trimmed, frosted over in white trichs, with vivid orange pistils and a blend of green and purple, very vibrant purple throughout.

BURN: Clean burn, mostly white ash (little salt and pepper). Nice resin ring.
EFFECTS/HIGH: At first is not overwhelming, however, as time goes on a higher medium level of sedation starts overtaking the body, starting in your head and making it’s way downwards to your fingers and toes with a mostly cerebral relaxing high with a small amount of euphoria. Lazy late afternoon or early evening high.

Purple White Lightning is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines White Widow and Northern Lights #5. Though counterbalanced by White Widow’s hybrid genetics, White Lightning induces a deep Indica calm that relieves pain, nausea, and anxiety. Dusted in a heavy coat of sugary trichome crystals, Purple White Lightning has a sweet, fruity aroma with floral, skunky undertones. Among the most common conditions treated with White Lightning are multiple sclerosis, insomnia, anorexia, Parkinson’s, and the side effects of chemotherapy.


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