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1g Distillate from Secret Garden Extracts.

If you’re looking for the most potent and affordable concentrate on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Secret Garden Extracts is a company who specializes in producing premium-quality cannabis concentrate products for just a fraction of the premium price. With a dedicated team of experts and an innovative extraction process, Secret Garden produces amazing whole-plant extracts that reflect their passion for a pure, distinctive expression of cannabis. Read below for more information on this up-and-coming leader in the concentrate business and all the ways you can benefit from their line of impressively potent products.

CO2 Distillate by Secret Garden Extracts (1ML syringe, just over one gram in weight) is the one of the newest and most pure concentrate products available. The producers of this high-quality product employ superior extraction methods, which yield potent and pure THC products. This distillate is purer than others because it extracts plant matter, chlorophyll and all other solvents. After vaporizing the THC and CBD, that vapour is collected and condensed back into oil. This end product produces no smell or flavour when vaporized, making it one of the purest of its kin. CO2 Distillate is made using supercritical Co2, and then distilled, so there was never any solvent introduced to the process.
This product is great for relieving chronic pain, aiding sleep, and helping with any other ailment requiring higher doses of THC concentrate.
Available for purchase in 1ML oral syringe for easy use and storage.
Can be eaten, dabbed, vaped, smoked, or topically applied. For oral and topical application, it is recommended to mix it with equal parts of a cooking oil like olive or coconut, for optimal absorbtion
Potency: ~94% THC Content

1 gram syringe, 2 x 1 gram syringe, 3 x 1 gram syringe


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