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Since we separate and remove any shake from regular flower packages, we accumulate tons of bottoms. In addition to making our house brand AC Medical shatter, we decided to sell the shake directly to you at the lowest price! Our Shake/Bottom Bag is a mix of all our bottoms we collect from our various strains on the menu. Great for cooking or making other extracts! Please note: this is shake/bottoms, we sell our popcorn buds separately.

Excellent for adding/mixing in with any regular flower to make your stash last longer and go farther!  Also excellent for edible cooking!


1 oz, 4 oz

1 review for Shake/Bottoms

  1. Taylor Philly

    Hard to give shake 5 stars, but it gets the rating because of the quality of the shake. Smells so good. I wanna know what strains are in this! I got it for my wife as she loves to bake me special edibles. I could easily just smoke this hahaha

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