The Magic Stick by Delush Bath & Body - 300mg CBD

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The Magic Stick is formulated to combat all your aches and pains. Our proprietary blend of carrier and essential oils sync together to open up your pores and pull in all that good stuff directly to the problem area. The butters and Vitamin E add extra moisturizing benefits to your skin and help accelerate wound and scar healing. Scent smell familiar? Liger Balm, like the OG stuff but updated with extra benefits. We hope this brings back your childhood memories, like it does ours.

Great for bruising, inflammation, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, back pain, headaches, joint pain. Can also be used as a chest rub to soothe congestion, and help relieve flu and cold-like symptoms.

1 review for The Magic Stick by Delush Bath & Body – 300mg CBD

  1. Taylor Philly

    I tore my meniscus and needed surgery 🙁 This product has really helped with the rehab process. I always apply it after my physio exercises. Its got a really pleasant cooling menthol feeling like tiger balm but i like how the CBD helps for inflammation. Bought a couple for my dad to ease his back pain. He keeps a spare in his golf bag now! Love this stuff!!!

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