Ur-Anus - THC Chocolate Bar - 100mg


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Chef Michelangelo’s ever increasing THC product line is:

-Reefers Peanut Budda Cups

-Hashish Cookies and Cream Cups

-Hash-mallow S’mores

-Wickers Chocolate Bar

-Ur Anus Chocolate Bar


-Already Ate

-Oh Hungry Chocolate Bar

He also has a Psilocybin Mushroom product line:

-Shroomie S’mores

-Champion Cookies and Cream Cups

Chef Michelangelo is a RED SEAL certified pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and cannabis. Since COVID 19 pandemic struck, he has been unable to work in the hospitality industry. With all of the extra time on his hands and a true passion for chocolatiering and baking, he has created an amazing product line of cannabis THC infused treats. Each type of edible comes in three strengths, 100mg, 250mg, and 600mg THC per unit. -RED SEAL certified pastry chef

-Top shelf AAAA quality baking chocolates used as the base ingredients for these treats

-98% distillate made using rotovap extraction methods leaving no cannabis taste in the end product

-Truly delicious cannabis edibles – 2 thumbs up for taste –

**Caution** try not to start pigging out on these when you get the munchies


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