A5 Wagyu by Island Vibes Farms



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A5 Wagyu is a new strain to the menu. It was grown on Vancouver Island by our affiliate growers at Island Vibes Farms. It is a very pure Indica strain that is nearly 100% Indica dominant

AROMA: Sweet and pleasant exotic smell. Hints of citrus, pine, and gassy diesel.

APPEARANCE: Medium sized pieces.  Deep green with deep purple calyx’s throughout.  Packed with amazing frost and extremely caked out on the inside and out.  Perfect cure.
BURN: clean burn that is very tasty
EFFECTS/HIGH: Clear and clean elevated head high while providing a soothing body high. Great for doing mental work and thinking while still being able to chill out. This strain is also great for athletes that need to relax after a hard game or training session.

A new strain to many, Wagyu delivers a true indica high that has been said to relieve chronic pain, stress, appetite loss, and insomnia. Perfect for athletes or anyone looking to relieve any body aches or sores. Overindulge on this strain and you may find yourself ready for bed.


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